Thursday, April 15, 2010

sexy secretary NND 0014

Sexy secretary
Item Code: NND 0014
Imagine secretary wear this to work! wow.. the boss must be super happy that day and will definetely ask for more coffee!! hehe..
well, this dress allow you to wear to work perhaps wear with tube inside to look more corporate OR dinner!! simple elegant and sexy with the deep deep V infront! Charming!
size: Free (Uk size 6-8)
Colour: 1 colour only
Material: Cotton
Measurements: length: 34", waist: 24" - 27" (Stretchable wasitline), bust: 33" - 36", Hip: 32" - 36"
Details: Prefect cut, petals at the botton of part of the skirt starting from waistline, stretchable wasitline.
Status: SOLD OUT
Not restockable