Sunday, September 27, 2009

hairband collection

...Hairband manic...
Hairband is a must accessories for this season.
Adding a little more fun, classy, style to your look.
Its unique and it does reflect your own style!

NNH 0001

3 colours: Gold(SOLD out), silver(SOLD out)

Status: SOLD OUT
not restockable

NNH 0002
Available: Limited - 1 pc only
not restockable


classy elegant hairband NNH 0003
You can style it at your forehead (just like sample posted earlier)
/ use it like normal hairband or other creative ways!
Very classic hairband. Good quality!

2 colours: black
& white
not restockable

Monday, September 14, 2009

flower earing

Promo : Buy 3 pairs earings with only RM10 !

NNER 0001 dotted pink
NNER 0001 sweet peach
SOLD OUT NNER 0001 hotred
Available: 1 pc per colour only!
Very limited!
RM 5 each
NNER 0001 brown

NNER 0001 black & boxes

NNER 0001 Green

NNER 0001 innocent white


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Can't live without BELTs!! 1 is ever enough!

NNB 0001
colour: Sexy Red & White
Status: SOLD OUT
Not re-stockable

NNB 0004
Last chance promo - RM 19-15%= RM 16 only!

colours: Dark brown, white (SOLD OUT) & Grey (SOLD OUT)

Not restockable

NNB 0005

5 colours: White, Black, Ligt Brown, Dark Brown & Grey
Status: SOLD OUT!
Not re-stockable

Metal Buckle Belt NNB 0003

Not re-stockable

Ribbon buckle belt NNB 0006

Colours: Black, pink & purple
Status: SOLD OUT
not restockable

Snaky brown belt NNB 0002

Colour: brown only

Status: SOLD OUT
Not re-stockable

more necklaces

Fashion spy~ necklaces

Classy necklace
Special Promotion* : RM 29 only!! ( 2 pcs for grab only)
Colour: silver
Status: Available
Not restockable

Green NNN 0004G

Purple NNN 0004P

Blue NNN 0004B
*Special Promotion: RM 12 only ( 1 pc each colour for grab only)

Colours: Blue, Green, Purple & Pink


Not restockable

Thursday, August 20, 2009

2nd range of "not naked" imported goods

Eagle necklace NNN 0001

* Special Promotion - RM 13 only
*T&C - for limited period only (starting 30 Jun)
Payment need to be made within 24 hours.

3 colours - Gold, Black, Silver.
Status: Available for Black and silver only. Gold - SOLD OUT
Not restockable

Bird nest necklace
NNN 0002
2 colours - Matt silver & Classy gold
Status: SOLD OUT
Not restockable

Beautiful Heart ring
NNR 0003

Special Promotion* - RM 20 only (1 pc for grab)
*T&C - For limited period only (starting from 1 July)
Reservation valid for 1 day and payment need to be made within 24 hours

1 pc only - limited edition
Not restockable

Huge Butterfly ring
NNR 0002
Special Promotion* - SOLD OUT
( 1 limited pc for grab only)
* T&C - for limited period only (starting 30 Jun)
Payment need to be made within 24 hours.
Not restockable

Mini butterfly ring NNR 0001
Special Promotion* - RM 15 only
* T&C - For limited period only.
Payment need to be made within 24 hours.
2 Colours : Matt black & shinny white

Available stock:
2 pcs - Black
1pc - White
Not restockable