Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Summer orange NNS 0009

Summer orange
Item code: NNS 0009
size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Material: Cotton
Measurements: Length: 16", waistline: 24" -28" stretchable, hip: 33"-36"
Details: golden zipper infront, "pop up" sidelines.
Stretchable waistline
Colour: 1 colour only
Status: SOLD OUT
not restockable

Butterfly Prototype NNS 0008

Butterfly Prototype
Item Code: NNS 0008
Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Material: Cotton
Measurements: Length: 16", waistline: 24" -28" (stretchable), hip: 33" -36"
Details: 2 pockets infront, 6 golden button infront.
Stretchable waistline (back)
Colour: 1 colour only
Status: SOLD OUT
not restockable

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Charismatic mini coat NNJ 0013 (Promo)

Charismatic mini coat
Item code: NNJ 0013
Promotion* - RM 39 only (last piece for black only)
* T&C: for limited period only.
Reservation valid for 1 day and payment need to be made within 24 hours.

Hard to find a well fitting jacket just because you are born petite? well, this is the perfect cut jacket for a you! The length is just right for you as well! The slightly puffy shoulder make it more interesting and stylish!
Add a little cool with a boyfriend's hat!

size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
2 colours: Grey/ black
material: quality thick and hard but comfy cotton
Measurements: Length: 16", bust: 34" -37", shoulder to shoulder: 15",
shoulder length (buttoned): 9"
Details: super cut for petite size girl, 1 button infront.
1 button at each shoulder. Puffy shoulder design.
Status: Available for black @ last piece!
not restockable

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to basic NNT 0022

Back to basic
RM 26
Item Code: NNT 0022

Love the length of this basic tee!
You can just wear it with leggings or skinny jeans for
the best casual look.
Or to add on some attitude/ boy-ish feel,
just simplematch with a little jacket
and you gotta be so ready to go dear!
Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-10)
6 Colours: White, Black,
Ferrari Red,Pink, Grey, Yellow
Measurements: Length: 65cm, Bust: 34" - 37"
Material: Quality thick cotton
Status: SOLD OUT!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zip Zap NNS 0007

Zip Zap
Item code: NNS 0007
Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Material: Quality cotton
Measurements: Length: 15", waistline: 25" -28" (Stretchable)
Details: unique print with zips infront. Stretchable waistline.
Status: SOLD OUT in 8 hours!!
1. Mandy How - SOLD
2. Siok yee - SOLD
Not restockable

belt with mini belts NNA 0002

Belt with mini belts
Item code: NNA 0002
Last chance promo - RM 19-15% = RM16 only

Simple unique and classy. Absolute accessories that you need for your wardrobe.
Colour: Black, Brown, Red - reserved, Grey
How to wear: buttoned up 3 buttons at the back
Details: 3 buttons at the back, stretchable, for high waist.
Status: Red- reserved. Black - Sold out.
Available brown & grey
not restockable

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simplicity NNB 0005

Item code: NNB 0005

A bag that allow u to use it with 2 different styles!!! is 2 dazzling styles!

Size: zipped - width: 17", Height: 11", Depth: 6"
Colour: Brown / White
Details: Can carry this bag with 2 different designs!!
Zip up or button up to form different style!
Just the right size to fit in all your ipod, iphone, camera, make ups, little notebook, etc.
Inner compartments for mobile, tissues and also zipped area (inside and back) for your little secret.
Status: SOLD OUT
1. Mandy How - White (SOLD)
2. Yumi - Brown (SOLD)
3. Michelle Fung - White (SOLD)
not restockable

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cute, fun Beers, soft drink earings NNER 0005 - 0009

Pepsi Cola
Item Code: NNER 0009
Diameter: 2.3cm
Status: SOLD OUT
Item code: NNER 0008
Diameter: 2cm
Corona Extra
Item code: NNER 0007
Diameter: 2.3cm

Coco Cola2
Item Code: NNER 0006
Diameter: 2cm
Coca Cola
Item code: NNER 0005
Diameter: 2.3cm

Pin-up girl NND 0016

Above 3 pictures - colour/ item code is NND 0016_ blue

Above 2 pictures : colour/ item code: NND 0016_black

Pin-up girl
Item code: NND 0016_blue / NND 0016_Black
Last chance promo = RM 39 - 15% = RM 33

With just a pop of bright retro gram and a dash of cheeky fun on this dress.
The design of the bottom part of the dress will able to make every girl looks shapely!

Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-10)
Colour: Blue or black
(differentiate with the bottom part of the dress)
Measurements: Length: 33.5" , waistline: 25" -28" (stretchable), bust: 33" - 36", hip: 32" - 36"
Details: Come with removable brooch, stretchable wasitline
Material: Cotton (top), Jersey type of cotton (bottom)
Status: Limited!!
not restockable