Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cutout Long Shirt NNT 0065

Cutout long shirt

RM 50

Item code: NNT 0065

Size: Free (Fits UK size 8-10)

Material: Cotton

Colours: Off white, Founder Blue, Hot Pink, Light grey

Measurements: Length:30", Bust: up to 38"

Details: Exclusive shoulder cutout design. Long shirt that allow you to

just match it with belt and leggings.

Suitable for work, semi formal, casual, party outing wear.

Status: Available for hot pink only.

Light grey, Founder blue & Off white- all sold out.

not restockable

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New ruffle jacket w singlet (set) NNJ 0032

Light grey


Inner singlet (set)
New Ruffle jacket with singlet (set)
RM 50
Item code: NNJ 0032
Size: Free (Fits Uk size 6-8)
Colour: light grey, black
Material: Good - cotton
Measurements: length: 25", Bust: up to 38"
Waistline: up to 28"
Details: Designer's and unique ruffle jacket. Hardly seen in the market.
Show off your attitude with this jacket. Both singlet and jacket can be worn separately.
Suitable for all occasions - semi formal, casual, dinner, lunch, party, night outing.
status: Available for grey only. Black- all reserved.
Not restockable

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Military Jacket NNJ 0030

From left: dark grey, black

Military jacket
Item code: NNJ 0030
Size: S (Fits UK size 6-8), M (Fits UK size 8-10)
Colour: Dark grey, black
Material: superb good and thick.
- cotton with inner lining.
Measurements: S size = Length: 18", sleve length: 24"
M size: = Length: 19.5", sleve length: 25"
Details: superb cutting front and back. Solid military jacket.
Material is thick and good (with inner lining) that keeps you warm during the raining days.
Suitable for all occasions - formal, semi formal,
casual wear (match with short!), party outing.
Status: All SOLD OUT!
Not restockable

Loose fitting attitude dress NND 0068

Loose fitting attitude dress
Item code: NND 0068
Size: Free (Fits Uk size 8-10)
Colour: Black only
Material: Good and thick - Polyster
Measurements: Length: 35", Bust: up to 38"
Hip: up to 38"
Details: Simple yet attitude dress. Meant to be loose fiting.
Carry it with your heels!
Suitable for all occasions, formal, semi formal, dinner, party, night outing.
Status: SOLD OUT
not restockable

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Satin Classy Dress NND 0067

From left: Dark champagne, turquoise, sweet pink, Magenta
Satin Classy Dress
Item code: NND 0067
Size: Free (Fits UK size 8-10)
Colours: from left - Dark champagne, turquoise, sweet pink, magenta
Material: Good - satin
Measurements: Length: 32", Bust: up to 38",
Waistline: up to you! adjust with ribbon yourself - up to 35",
Hip: up to 38 -40"
Details: classy and elegant satin dress, ribbon given as a set, style it yourself!
adjust the waistline yourself!
suitable for all occasions- work, semi formal, dinner, party and night outing.
not restockable

Ciffon Feminine Dress NND 0066

Ciffon feminine Dress
Rm 50
item code: NND 0066
Size:free (Fits Uk size 6-8)
Colours: Biege, dark blue, sweet pink
Material: good and with inner lining - ciffon
Measurements: length: 32", Bust: up to 38"
Waistline: up to 29", Hip: up to 38"
Details: Simple and feminine dress that suitable for all occasions.
You may wear it with stocking if you find it slightly short.
Formal, dinner, party, night outing, semi casual wear.
status: Available
not restockable

Multiple style dress NND 0065

Multiple style Dress
RM 50
Item code: NND 0065

Size: Free (Fits UK size 8-10)
Colour: dark grey only
Material: good and thick cotton
Measurements: length: 36", Bust: up to 38"
Waistline (adjustable): up to 29", Hip: up to 38"
Details: Can you simple style this dress! It can be worn
in multiple ways, your BFF might can't discover that this is
the same dress!Just feel free to wear it with your own style!
Suitable for all occasions, work, semi formal, dinner, party,
night outing, high tea outing.

Status: available for light grey.
dark grey - all SOLD OUT
not restockable