Thursday, January 13, 2011

Satin Classy Dress NND 0067

From left: Dark champagne, turquoise, sweet pink, Magenta
Satin Classy Dress
Item code: NND 0067
Size: Free (Fits UK size 8-10)
Colours: from left - Dark champagne, turquoise, sweet pink, magenta
Material: Good - satin
Measurements: Length: 32", Bust: up to 38",
Waistline: up to you! adjust with ribbon yourself - up to 35",
Hip: up to 38 -40"
Details: classy and elegant satin dress, ribbon given as a set, style it yourself!
adjust the waistline yourself!
suitable for all occasions- work, semi formal, dinner, party and night outing.
not restockable