Monday, January 9, 2012

Folded mermarid mini skirt NNS 0033

from left: cyan, green, mustard, black, pink

Folded mermaid nini skirt
RM 40
Item code: NNS 0033
Size: free (Fits UK size 6-8) Fits regular S,M size.
Colours: cyan, green, mustard, black, pink
Material: good and thick
Measurements: Length: 14.5", waistline: upt o 28", Hip: up to 36"
Details: Suitable for semi casual, party, dinner wear.
Status: Available for cyan, green, black & pink. Mustard- all Sold out.
not restockable

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bodycon Dress Slash back NND 0127

from left: chili red, blue, black

Bodycon Dress Slash Back

RM 50

Item code: NND 0127

Size: free (Fits regular S & M size)

Material: good- cotton stretchable

Colours: Chili red, blue, black

Measurements: Length: 38", Bust: up to 36", Stretchable wasitline: up to 28"

Hip: up to 36"

Details: Suitable for annual dinner, party, dinner wear.

Status: Avilable

not restockable

Off shoulder Mermarid waist dress NND 0125

Off shoulder Mermaid waist dress

RM 59

Item code: NND 0125

Size: S & M

Colours: orange & purple

material: good & thick- polyster

Measurements: S- Length: 34.5", Bust: up to 34", Waistline: up to 25", Hip: up to 36"

M- Length: 35", Waistline: up to 27", Hip: up to 36"

Details: Suitable for dinner, party, formal wear.

Status: Available

not restockable

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Elegant shorts with pockets NNP 0014

from left: blue, vintage orange
Elegant Shorts with pockets
Item code: NNP 0014
Size: S & M
Colours: blue, vintage orange
Measurements: S - Length: 11.5", waistline: 24-25", Hip: up to 34"
M- Length: 12", Waistline: 25-26", Hip: up to 36"
Material: good and thick
Details: Suitable for semi casual, casual, party, travel outing wear.
Status: All sold out.
not restockable

Cute short blouse NNT 0109

from left: mustard, white, pink, cyan, turqouise
Cute short blouse
Item code: NNT 0109
Size: free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Material: good - satin
Colours: Mustard, white, pink, cyan, turqouise
Measurements: Length: 19.5", Bust: up to 36"
Details: Suitable for semi formal, casual, party and weekend wear.
Status:  all SOLD OUT.
not restockable