Friday, October 29, 2010

Poppeye Ribbon Top NNT 0062

Poppeye Ribbon Top
Item code: NNT 0062
Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Colour: 1 colour only
Material: semi transparent material with denim at all sides & ribbon
Measurements: Length: 30", Bust: Up to 36"
Details: Poppeye print semi transparent top with denim ribbon and all sides.
Suitable for casual, party, tea and semi formal.
status: SOLD OUT within 1 day!
not restockable

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Side Ruffle Classy Blouse NNT 0061

Side Ruffle Classy Blouse
Item code: NNT 0061
Size: Free (Fits UK 6-8)
Material: Nylon Polyster - good and thick
colours: Biege & Black
Measurements: Length: 25.5", Bust: up to 36", Waistline: up to 28"
Details: plain colour ruffle top. Suitable for any occasions.
Formal, semi formal, casual, party, dinner wear.
Not restockable

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Denim Mini Skirt NNS 0020

From left: Dark grey, Black & Dark blue

Denim Mini Skirt
RM 30
Item code: NNS 0020

Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Colour: Dark grey, Black & Dark Blue
Material: Denim
Measurements: Length: 14", waistline (stretchable): up to 28",
Hip: up to 36"
Details: 2 side pockets design with stretchable waistline.
2 back pockets as well. Perfect cut for petite size girl.
suitable for casual, outing, party wear.
Status: Available
Not restockable

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Colourful Feminine Blouse NNT 0060

From left: Pink, light grey, electric blue

Colourful Feminie Blouse
Item code: NNT 0060
Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Colours: Pink, Light grey, Electric blue
Materials: Cotton
Measurements: Length: 26", Bust: up to 36"
Details: Colourful top to boost up your day!
Suitable for casual, semi formal, party, normal outing wear.
not restockable

Classy Ribbon Jacket NNJ 0026

Classy Ribbon Jacket
RM 50 only
Item code: NNJ 0026
Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Colours: White, Black & light grey
Material: good and thick cotton with inner lining
Measurements: Length: 18", Bust: Up to 36"
Details: Perfect cutting jacket with ribbon at the back.
suitable for all occasions, casual, formal, party, dinner.
Status: Available for black.
Grey & white- ALL SOLD OUT.
not restockable

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Exclusive sleeve collar shirt NNT 0059

(From left) Turquoise, seablue, sweetpink

Exclusive sleeve collar Shirt

Item Code: NNT 0059

Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)

Colours: Turquoise, seablue, Sweet pink

Material: Good - soft and silky

Measurements: Length: 21", Bust: up to 36", Waistline (stretchable): up to 29"

Details: Unique design of shirt with good material. Stretchable waistline and golden button.

Suitable for all occasions - formal, semi formal, casual, party and dinner.


not restockable

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Turtle neck off shoulder dress NND 0045

Turtle neck off shoulder dress
Item code: NND 0045

Size: Free (Fits Uk 8-10)
colours: Black, beige, grey
Material: Good and thick
Measurements: Length: 37.5", Bust: up t0 36",
Waistline (stretchable): up to 29", Hip: up to 36"
Details: elegant and classy dress that suitable for all occasions.
Formal, semi formal, dinner, party, day outing.
status: ALL sold out!
not restockable