Friday, August 27, 2010

Striped Lace Dress NND 0034 (Promo)

Striped Lace dress
Item code: NND 0034
Promotion* : RM 39 only
*T&C: For limited time only!
Reservation and payment had to be made within 1 day only.
size: Free (Fits UK size 8-10)
Colour: 1 colour only
Material: Good - Cotton
Measurements: Length: 36.5", waistline(stretchable) : up to 29",
Bust: up to 36", hip: up to 36"
Details: simple yet trendy stripe dress with little lace near collar.
Suitable for all outing. Casual, semi formal, dinner and party.
Status: Available
not restockable

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elegant lacey jacket NNJ 0023

Elegant Lacey jacket
Item code: NNJ 0023

Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Colour: Dark blue
Material: Good - Thick & hard Lace
Measurements: Length: 16", Bust: Up to 36"
Details: Structure sholder lace jacket that come with
ribbon brooch as 1 set.
Superb cutting and suitable for all occasions
- formal, semi formal, party and casual.
not restockable

starry blouse w lace collar NNT 0050

Starry blouse w lace collar
Item code: NNT 0050

Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Colour: White & Dark Blue
Material: Good - Quality cotton with lace
Measurements: Length: 26", bust: up to 36", waistline: up to 28"
Details: starry print blouse with unique lace collar and sleve!
Suitable for casual and semi formal wear
Not restockable

Polka Dot w Lace collar NNT 0051

Polka Dot w Lace collar
Item code: NNT 0051
Size: Free (Fits UK Size 6-8)
Colours: Dark Blue, White & Grey
Material: Good - Quality thick cotton with lace
Measurements: Length: 26", Bust: Up to 36", waistline: up to 29
Details: Unique feminine polka dot blouse with lacey @ collar & sleve!
suitable for casual, semi formal wear.
not restockable

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Absolute Vintage Floral Jacket NNJ 0022

Absolute Vintage Floral Jacket
Item code: NNJ 0022

Size: Free (Fits Uk size 6-8)
colour: 1 colour only
Material: Thick and good cotton
Measurements: Length: 18", Sleve length: 16"
Details: Vintage floral print structure shoulder jacket.
Thick material so that the shape of the jacket is perfectly form.
Suitable for any occasions - Smart formal wear, casual wear matches with jeans or short,
Classy wear by adding a plain colour skirt.
status: SOLD OUT
not restockable

Structure Shoulder Plaid jacket NNJ 0021

Structure Shoulder Plaid Jacket
Item code: NNJ 0021

Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Colour: 1 colour only
Material: Good -Cotton
Measurements: Length: 18", sleve length: 16"
Details: Structure shoulder jacket with plaid print material.
Suitable for any outing, casual to smart formal wear.

Status: SOLD OUT
not restockable

Friday, August 13, 2010

Exclusive mini collar dress NND 0030

Dark Blue


Dark Violet
Exclusive Mini Collar Dress
Item code: NND 0030
Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Colours: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Violet
Material: Good - cotton
Measurements: Length: 36", Bust: up to 36",
Hip: up to 36", Waistline (stretchable): up to 29"
Details: Unique design with mini collar. 1 side pocket at the right. Stretchable waistline.
Suitable for all occasions, OL wear, semi formal wear, dinner wear.
Can add on belt as accessories.
Status: All SOLD OUT.
Not restockable

Ruffle sleve Drape Lacey Dress NND 0033

Ruffle Sleve Drape lacey Dress
Item code: NND 0033
RM 55
Size: free (Fits UK size 6-8)
Colour: Black lace only
Material: Good - lace with inner lining
Measurements: Length: 35", Bust: up to 36",
hip: up to 36", waistline: up to 28"
Details: Exclusive ruffle sleve with drape infront and inner lining.
Good quality and simply sexy!!
status: available
Not restockable

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wrestler Stud Waist Belt NNA 0007

Wrestler Stud Waist Belt
RM 29
Item code: NNA 0007
size: Free
Colour: Black, Beige
Status: Available
not restockable

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lacey Addicted with pearl sleve NNT0049

Lacey Addicted with Pearl sleve
Item code: NNT 0049
RM 33
Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-10)
Colours: Black, peach, white
Material: Lace
Measurements: Length: 25", Bust: up to 36"
Details: Lace top with unique sleve with pearl.
Status: Available
not restockable