Tuesday, April 13, 2010

B Super Star NNJ 0012

B Super star
Item Code: NNJ 0012

Who want to be super star and being famous? Stand out with personality?
This jacket is with superb quality and cutting which manage to show your sexy body line and at the same time looks proffessional! Love this design and the details of it

Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-10)
Colour: Black & Grey only
Measurements: Length: 21", Bust: 32" - 38", Shoulder length: 17.5", waist: 24" - 28"
Details: Superb quality, structure shoulder, studs all around collar,
nice cutting at the back where able to show your waistline.
Option to buttoned or without.
Status: SOLD OUT
1. Rachel Yew - Black & Grey - SOLD
2. Angle event management - Black -SOLD
4. Lynn Choo - Black- SOLD
5. Azura - Grey-SOLD
Not restockable