Thursday, September 30, 2010

3/4 sleve Stripe Dress NND 0041

(From left) Grey base black stripe, white base black stripe, white base dark blue stripe

3/4 Sleve Stripe Dress
Rm 39 only
Item code: NND 0041

Size: Free (Fits Uk Size 8-10)
Colours: grey base with black stripe, white base with black stripe &
white base dark blue stripe

Material: Good - cotton
Measurements: Length: 29", Waistline: up to 29",
Bust: Up to 36", Hip: Up to 36"
Details: You might find the length too short, match with jeans or leggings then!
Designed with 2 side pockets and rubber sleve.
Suitable for semi formal, casual outing.
Status: available for white base black stripe & dark blue stripe.
Grey base with black stripe - ALL SOLD OUT.
not restockable
* Belt is not included. Kindly refer to belt category for the same belt, item code NNA 0011 *