Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rock & Roll (black) NNJ0014

Rock & Roll
Selling as 1 set (jacket + cut in singlet)
Item code: NNJ 0014_black
Both jacket and singlet can be worn separately!! RM 62 for 2 items!! value for money. This rock & roll jacket is simply chick and stunning for a casual outing. Not a very thick jacket which is quite light and allow to fold and keep it in your pretty handbag.
Size: Free (Fits UK size 6-10)
Colour: Black
Jacket - Measurements: Length: 20.5", Shoulder length: 16", Bust: 32" -36", Waistline: 24"-28"
Cut in Singlet - Measurements: Length: 29.5", bust: 32" - 36", Waistline: 24"-28"
Details: a) Jacket - prefect cut and fitting. 2 pockets infront with silver stund, zippy front.
b) Cut in Singlet - meant to be long and slightly oversize.
Material: Jacket - Polyester (not very thick), Cut in Singlet - quality cotton
Status: SOLD OUT
Not restockable